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“Priscilla is a very resourceful person, always positive and encouraging in the many facets of selling houses. It was not long before we developed a close personal relationship that assured us that we had indeed made an exceptional choice in selecting Priscilla as our Seller and Buyer’s Agent.”

Nick Albanese


“She was very professional. No job was too hard for her.”

Dr. Erney


“Thank you for all the work you put into selling the property, particularly during such a bleak market period. We appreciate your persistence, guidance, support, optimism and kindness.”

Mary Louise Clary


“We all can’t thank you enough for all of the trials and tribulations that you endured in the sale of our property. You did an absolutely marvelous job and there is no possible way that we can show our appreciation for all of the hurdles that kept continually arising out of nowhere. The only sad part is that we miss you and your continuous spontaneity.”

George and Alyce Hunt


‚ÄúPriscilla was thoroughly involved from beginning to end, which was wonderful since we encountered many problems due to the times. She took wonderful care of the house throughout. All this was very much appreciated. And most of all probably was that she helped us keep optimistic when things looked bad. She’s a gem!”

Bob Ables